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Food Safety

It’s our commitment, every step of the way

Not only does Harvest Sherwood Food Distributors, Inc. commit itself to supplying product that’s right for our customers, and delivered on time, behind the scenes we’re making sure the food product we carry is safe and meets the comprehensive standards of the agencies that guide us.

Our distribution centers follow Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for food safety and food defense and, through the use of our warehouse management system (WMS), product traceability is accomplished without the burden some food companies may experience through complicated paperwork; we’re automated! Automation helps make us successful. But success doesn’t come easy, it takes work and commitment no matter the level or area within our operations.
Food safety is an essential aspect of all processes. This includes, temperature verification and shelf life of the product we receive, storage and cycle management, and selection accuracy. We do it all while maintaining a food warehouse that meets the strict sanitation and quality requirements of our biggest critics – ourselves. Doing so allows us to be competitive and continue as a leader in the markets we serve.

As a leader, we do not rest. We continue to evaluate our processes and, most importantly, we invest in our resources. Our team members are trained to work efficiently, safe, and always with food safety top-of-mind. Our people are the key to allowing us to meet our commitment to our customers and our customer safety, every step of the way.